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The digital collections of the State Library of Victoria in Australia  have a useful virtual offering of materials. According to their website:

“Hundreds of thousands of Library items have been digitised so far, including photographs, maps, rare 19th-century pamphlets, glass plate negatives and rare artworks on paper.

The Library is committed to continuing this program of digitisation, and by last year had digitised 43 per cent of our unique Victorian material: 49,741 heritage items and 233,098 Victorian items have been digitised and made available online.”

Here are some relevant titles about spiritualism and other topics related to psychic phenomena.

Alderson, J. (1823). An essay on apparitions, in which their appearance is accounted for by causes wholly independent of preternatural agency (rev. ed.). London : Longman, Hurst, Rees, Orme, Brown, and Green.

Alderson Apparitions

Britten E.H. (ca 1871). On the Spirit Circle and the Laws of Mediumship. London: J. Burns.

Brotherton, E. (1860). Spiritualism, Swedenborg, and the New Church. London: W. White.

Coleman, B. (1871). The Rise and Progress of Spiritualism in England. London: Beveridge & Fraser.

Cox, E.W. (1872). Spiritualism Answered by Science (rev. ed.). London: Longman.

Cox Spiritualism Answered by Science

Crowell, E. (1877). Spiritualism and Insanity. Boston: Colby & Rich.

Edmonds, J.W. (1858). Spiritualism, as Demonstrated from Ancient and Modern History (Spiritual Tracts No. 9). New York: N.p.

John W. Edmonds

John W. Edmonds

Edwards, W. (1850). Mesmerism: Its Practice and Phenomena. Melbourne: John Hunter.

Fournier D’Albe, E.E. (1922). The Goligher Circle, May to August 1921. London : John M. Watkins.

Hazard, T. (n.d.). Indispensable Information for Those Who Desire Investigate Spiritualism: Mediums and Mediumship. London: J. Burns.

Hulme, H. (1899). Is Spiritualism Opposed to Christianity, or Christianity Defended. Melbourne: M.L.Hutchinson.

Lodge, O. (1930). Conviction of Survival. London: Methuen.

Oliver J. Lodge

Oliver J. Lodge