Carlos S. Alvarado, PhD, Visiting Scholar, Rhine Research Center

Dr. Alejandro Parra is a well known parapsychological researcher from Buenos Aires, Argentina. He has just published the results of a study about premonitions: “A Phenomenological Examination of Premonition in Dreams and Waking State: A Survey Study” (Australian Journal of Parapsychology, 2013, 13, 187-212; for reprints write to the

Dr. Alejandro Parra

Dr. Alejandro Parra

Here is the abstract of the article:

“The main aim of the present study was to determine the proportion of people in Argentina who claim to have had various kinds of premonition experiences, and to discover correlations between these experiences and other variables, such as content, topics, symbols, clearness, vividness, emotional variables, and sensory modalities, and whether people could discern normal from paranormal explanations for their premonitions. The sample comprised 218 (50.8%) females and 211 (49.2%) males (Mean Age = 34 years; SD = 13 years), most of whom were students. The Premonition Experiences Questionnaire was used to collect information on spontaneous premonition experiences. The first part of the questionnaire covered ‘Premonition in dreams’, and the second part covered ‘Premonition not related to dreams’ (i.e., premonitions in waking states). The majority of premonitory dreamers reported that their premonitions were vivid, clear, and emotionally intense. Premonitory dreams were reported to be clearer than usual dreams. More than half the participants who reported premonitions during waking states, reported feeling anxious, but many expressed feelings of happiness and relief. The information obtained in the survey is of value to parapsychology both as a source of sociological information, and possible hypotheses about the nature of the experiences considered.”