Carlos S. Alvarado, PhD, Visiting Scholar, Rhine Research Center

Here is a new publication about mediumship:

Rachel E. Evenden, Callum E. Cooper, Graham Mitchell, “A Counseling Approach to Mediumship: Adaptive outcomes of Grief following an Exceptional Experience” (Journal of Exceptional Experiences and Psychology, 2013, 1(2),

Journal Exceptional Experiences


In the last few decades there has been much corroborative research suggesting that exceptional experiences (EEs) during bereavement lead to improved coping and a healthy recovery from a negative emotional state . . . Aside from ‘spontaneous’ exceptional experiences and their impact on the bereaved . . . , ‘sought’ experiences such as mediumship can be an equally rewarding and positive experience for the bereaved. Few links have been explored regarding the counseling nature of mediumship with regards to bereaved individuals, and therefore this paper addresses such issues using a counseling approach and qualitative design. Results suggest that those who experience mediumistic counseling produced a high sense of agency, resulting in adaptive coping. Additionally, the findings suggest that areas of counseling, clinical studies and positive psychology would benefit from forming links with the findings of parapsychological research, with regards to the bereaved and their experiences.

The authors concluded:

“Mediumship has been demonstrated as a positive tool for some in facilitating a continued bond with the deceased in order to meet previously unmet needs. Once those needs have been met, confusion is reduced which enables the bereaved individual to experience a reflective period which facilitates personal growth, transformation and wisdom.”