Carlos S. Alvarado, PhD, Visiting Scholar, Rhine Research Center

This is my 100th post. Where did all that time go?

My purpose here has been to present information about people, events, and publications related to parapsychology. This includes contemporary and historical developments, as well as scientific, scholarly, and various other perspectives. One thing I have particularly enjoyed doing is passing on links and descriptions of resources, such as virtual libraries and sites with links to articles. In addition, I have used the blog to inform all of you about my published articles (for an overview of some of them click here).

My posts have appeared under the following headings, which are arranged by frequency:

Recent Publications (News about articles and books)

People in Parapsychology (Interviews and obituaries)

Digital Resources (Virtual libraries and sites with links),

Conferences and Other Events (News about conventions and lectures)

Education (Resources and issues about education in parapsychology)

Writing History (Conceptual issues in writing about history)

Organizations and Groups (News about groups)

Voices from the Past (Observations and ideas from the old literature)

Phenomena (About specific manifestations)

Here are some examples of postings:

 Education in Parapsychology

 ESP and the Brain Hemispheres–Revisited 

Gustave Geley on Ectoplasm: 1921

Gustave Geley

Gustave Geley

Recent Meta-Analyses of Parapsychological Studies

My Return to the Rhine Research Center

Rhine Research Center Building

Panel Discussion about Parapsychological Research Sponsored by the Rhine Research Center

Distortions of Parapsychological History: I.

Our Psychic Past in Digital Libraries: II. Google Books

In Memory of Eileen Coly (1916-2013)

Eileen Coly

Eileen Coly

Advances in Parapsychological Research, Vol. 9.

Remembering Robert Van de Castle (1927-2014)

Robert van de Castle

Robert van de Castle

The Spiritualist Movement: Articles About Spiritualism and Related Topics

The Paranormal Review and World War I

Poltergeist Theory

Seeing “Animal Magnetism.”

People in Parapsychology: X. Roger Nelson

Roger Nelson

Roger Nelson

Our Psychic Past in Digital Libraries: VI. Hathi Trust Digital Library

Recent Surveys of Psychic Experiences: I.

People in Parapsychology: XIII. Russell Targ

Russell Targ and the intrepid Onyx

Russell Targ and the intrepid Onyx

Early Mesmeric Accounts of Effects on the Growth of Plants.

People in Parapsychology: XIV. Larry Dossey

Larry Dossey

Larry Dossey

Mediumship in Brazil

I also find the blog useful to inform others of my publications. Here are some examples:

Early Examples of Psi from the Living Explanations of Mediumship

Studying Ernesto Bozzano

Ernesto Bozzano

Ernesto Bozzano

Théodore Flournoy and Veridical Hallucinations

Nineteenth-Century French Psychical Research: The Revue Philosophique de la France et de l’Étranger

Revue Philosophique 1876b

Deathbed Visions in the Journal History of Psychiatry.

Speculations about Mediumship, Dissociation and the Subconscious Mind

G. Stanley Hall as a Critic of Psychical Research 

Article About Frederic W.H. Myers.

Frederic W.H. Myers

Frederic W.H. Myers

I plan to continue posting along the same lines and hope to have more author interviews such as the one featured here.

My thanks to all of you who have followed my blogs, and especially to those who have written comments. Thanks are also due to those of you who have taken the time and put much effort in answering my interview questions. I am also grateful to those of you who have posted my blog to various pages and forums, especially to Lori Derr, Judith Gadd, Tom Ruffles, Caroline Watt, and Nancy L. Zingrone. My blog is regularly featured on the SPR Facebook page and in Compelling Evidence for the Afterlife).

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