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Let me start offering my best wishes for the Holiday season, and if you do not celebrate the season, my best end of the year wishes to you.

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Like in 2014, I am happy to say I have not lacked topics for this blog. I have particularly enjoyed the interviews with individuals active in

Hoyt Edge & monkey2

Hoyt Edge (right) and unidentified monkey (left)

parapsychology. The field survives thanks to the work of persons like these. Those featured in 2015 are Dick Bierman, Etzel Cardeña, Hoyt Edge, Fatima Regina Machado, John Palmer, Dean Radin, Marilyn Schlitz, Charles T. Tart, and Wellington Zangari. More to come in 2016.

Charley Tart

Charles T. Tart

Some postings have been about recent publications. These include: “Feeling the Future” Experiments: A New Meta-Analysis,”  “A New Handbook of Parapsychology,” “The Variety of Approaches to Mediumship: Some New Publications,” “Recent Articles About Out-of-Body Experiences: III.,” and “A Theory of Precognition.”

Cardena et al Parapsychology

Other postings about recent publications are interviews in which I ask questions to authors of recent books. Examples of these are the  Extrasensory Perception: Support, Skepticism and Science, edited by Drs. Edwin C. May and Sonali Bhatt Marwaha,” Beyond Physicalism, edited by Edward F. Kelly’s and others, and First Sight by James C. Carpenter.

Carpenter First Sight

Still on recent publications, I admit I take some pleasure writing about my articles. Most of these are about historical topics and appeared while I was Research Fellow at the Parapsychology Foundation. Some examples are: “Ideas About Théodore Flournoy’s Classic Study of Mediumship” (with N.L. Zingrone), “On First Volumes of Influential Journals About Psychic Phenomena,” and “ESP Via Pulse Rates? Some 19th Century Observations.”

One of the articles I published was about out-of-body experiences: “Study of the Features of Out-of-Body Experiences” (with N.L. Zingrone).

Many other topics are covered. In the blogs classified as Voices from the Past I talk about books and articles from the old psychical research literature. There are also topics I discuss under the labels Phenomena, Digital Resources, and Education.

I also like to comment on various events, such as conferences. But I am selective, focusing on the more scholarly and academic events. This has included reports of the MOOC I organized with Nancy L. Zingrone, “Live Parapsychology MOOC is Over,” and other events: “Parapsychology Foundation’s Online Book Expo,” “Parapsychological Association Awards,” and  “Parapsychology Foundation’s Online Forum.”

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Overall it has been a good year. In addition to various published papers in academic journals, my wife Nancy and I have had the pleasure of working with the Parapsychology Foundation, from which some onlineevents will come soon in 2016 (stay tuned).

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On a personal note, we moved to a new apartment and adopted two cats. Life permitting I will continue this blog in 2016 bringing you more information, and some of my opinions, about various aspects of parapsychology.

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Spotty and Pinky