Carlos S. Alvarado, PhD, Research Fellow, Parapsychology Foundation

The journal literature has few reports or discussions about poltergeists. here are some recent exceptions.

Dixon, John. (2016). A case of ostensible poltergeist phenomena resulting in lingering haunt phenomena. Australian Journal of Parapsychology,16, 7-39.


An ostensible poltergeist case was investigated after a series of unexplained disturbances, including object movements, was witnessed at a small bar. The initial disturbances ceased after a 13-month period, which coincided with the departure of a staff member who displayed traits similar to RSPK agents. The case was investigated by surveying the remaining staff to document the disturbances they had personally experienced. This survey focused upon quantitative data, while follow-up questions looked at qualitative aspects. Five criteria were created to help determine if the disturbances were due to poltergeist or haunt phenomena. The results of the survey and interviews supported the hypothesis that poltergeist phenomena were occurring at the bar. After another 13-month period a second survey was conducted in order to compare disturbances against the results of the initial survey. The results of the second survey showed that poltergeist disturbances had ceased, having been replaced by disturbances seen in haunt cases. After researching possible causes of RSPK, it was concluded that the suspected RSPK agent may have been experiencing Spiritual Emergency which manifested as poltergeist activity. This in turn could have attracted a discarnate entity/entities that remained on the premises after the suspected RSPK agent had ceased employment at the bar.

Vinokur, R. (2016). Things that go bump in the night: The physics of “false’ poltergeists. Sound & Vibration, April, 2-6.

Natural vibroacoustical phenomena that are often accredited to ghosts and other paraphysical causes are reviewed and explained. Acoustical and mechanical resonances, rattling windows and doors, the canyon effect, whispering galleries, remote noises and
vibration propagation, and noise emission by structures under deformation are covered. Acoustical effects created by live ghosts (people and animals) are also discussed.