Carlos S. Alvarado, PhD, Visiting Scholar, Rhine Research Center

Well-known psi researcher Dr. Dean Radin  has prepared a page with links to articles about various parapsychological topics. Most of the papers are reports of research, but there are some about general discussions and critiques. It is available here.

Dr. Dean Radin

Dr. Dean Radin

Dr. Radin explained his motivation to compile these materials in his blog. As he wrote:

“Critics are fond of saying that there is no scientific evidence for psi. They wave their fist in the air and shout, ‘Show me the evidence!’ Then they turn red and have a coughing fit. In less dramatic cases a student might be genuinely curious and open-minded, but unsure where to begin to find reliable evidence about psi . . . In the past, my response to the ‘show me’ challenge has been to give the titles of a few books to read, point to the bibliographies in those books, and advise the person to do their homework. I still think that this is the best approach for a beginner tackling a complex topic. But given the growing expectation that information on virtually any topic ought to be available online within 60 seconds, traditional methods of scholarship are disappearing fast.”

Consequently, he compiled this resource and organized it under the following topics:

Healing at a Distance

Physiological Correlations at a Distance


General Overviews and Critiques

Mediumship & Survival of Consciousness

Precognition and Presentiment


Mind-Matter Interaction

Potential Applications

Websites with Access to Articles

In addition, there are sections about books and videos.