Carlos S. Alvarado, PhD, Visiting Scholar, Rhine Research Center

Phantasms of the Living vol 2Traditionally there has been much interest in psychic phenomena reported around the moment of someone’s death, as seen in old classics such as Gurney, Myers and Podmore’s Phantasms of the Living (1886), and in the later works of Ernesto Bozzano, Camille Flammarion, Erlendur Haraldsson, and Sylvia Hart Wright, among many other examples.  I will present an overview of some of this work in a lecture sponsored by the Rhine Research Center, which will be broadcasted online.

Wright When Spirits Come Calling 2

Flammarion Death and its Mystery

Here is a summary of the talk, entitled “Psychic Phenomena and Death:”

Psychic phenomena of different sorts have traditionally been associated to death and closeness to death. Alvarado will focus on phenomena such as apparitions of the living, deathbed visions, physical phenomena, and shared death experiences. The presentation will include examples of these phenomena, as well as a discussion of less usual topics, such as communications received through mediums about the process of death and experiments conducted at the moment of death. There will also be examples of attempts found in parapsychological literature to explain the above mentioned phenomena and of the ancient idea that death is but a change into a different state. The topics will be illustrated with slides and the discussion will cover both historical and more recent material.

The talk will take place at the  Stedman Auditorium on the Duke Center for Living Campus (Durham, North Carolina) on February 21, 2014, between 7:00-9:00 PM.

For details about registration go here.  Click here for online registration. Members of the Rhine Research Center will eventually be able to watch the recording of the lecture in the Center’s media library.

Rhine Research Center, Durham, North Carolina

Rhine Research Center, Durham, North Carolina