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Another year has gone by, and very fast. Merry Christmas to all my readers.


I am glad to say that the number of followers of my blog has grown during 2016. This means that my blogs are not as boring as I thought they were.

As before, my blogs are classified under the following topics: Conferences and Other Events, Digital Resources, Education, Organizations and Groups, People in Parapsychology, Phenomena, Recent Publications, Voices from the Past, and Writing History. A few, such as the current one, are posted under Uncategorized.


Alvarado (in deep thought thinking about the next blog)

One of my favorite series of blogs is People in Parapsychology. During 2016 I posted various interviews with workers in parapsychology such as:

Alexander Moreira-Almeida

Alan Gauld

Elizabeth Roxburgh

Stephen E. Braude

Stanley Krippner

Other series of blogs are Author interviews, Recent Articles About the Histories of Spiritualism and Psychical Research, and Historical Notes About Out-of-Body Experiences. The latter has included postings about the writings of Hector DurvilleRobert Dale Owen, and Eugène Osty.



Eugène Osty

In addition, I have reported on important projects, such as parapsychology MOOCS, the Parapsychology Foundation’s YouTube channel, and the Psi Encyclopedia, produced by the Society for Psychical Research.


Some recent blogs about articles have been: Recently Published Articles About Mediumship, New Study of Electroencephalographic Detection of ESP, Recent Articles About Poltergeists, Table Phenomena in Argentina, Survey About Synchronicity, and Statistical Power in Experimental Parapsychological Research.

Other blogs have been about particular books. Some, such as Hereward Carrington’s Eusapia Palladino and Her Phenomena, are about publications from the old days of psychical research. But others are about recently published books, such as Transcendent Mind, by Imants Barušs and Julia Mossbridge.


In my secret identity I also work on other projects, many of which are sponsored by the Parapsychology Foundation. Two blogs about this are Third Parapsychology Foundation Book Expo,  and Parapsychology Foundation Forum: Physical Mediumship.

I also write scholarly articles, many of which are generously supported by grants from the Society for Psychical Research. These have been mainly articles about various aspects of the history of psychical research. Some blogs posted in 2016 about this work include:

Albert de Rochas, Psychic Forces and Doubles

New Article About William James and Leonora E. Piper


Leonora E. Piper

Psychic Messages About Other Planets

Joseph Maxwell on Mediumistic Personifications

Parapsychology and the Study of the Mind: Changing the Historical Record

It has given me great satisfaction to write for the above mentioned Psi Encyclopedia,  an online project ably edited by Robert McLuhan. Several of my articles have been posted in the Encyclopedia during 2016. To date I have only posted one blog about this work. This is about Sylvan J. Muldoon and Hereward Carrington’s The Phenomena of Astral Projection.


As for the 2017, I plan to continue along the lines that I have followed during 2016, hoping to continue to inform my readers about serious developments in parapsychology around the world and about the history of the field.

Once again, my best wishes for the Holiday Season.


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