Carlos S. Alvarado, PhD, Research Fellow, Parapsychology Foundation

It is my pleasure to publicize an excellent course about reincarnation offered by Dr. James G. Matlock, an anthropologist who specializes in reincarnation studies (for a brief biography click here, this site has much information about the scholarly and scientific study of belief and cases related to reincarnation). I have known Jim for over 30 years and can attest to his commitment for rigorous standards and his track record in the field (see his published work here). He is currently a Research Fellow with the Parapsychology Foundation.

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Dr. James G. Matlock

This is the third time Jim teaches the course and he hopes to complete a book soon following the lectures and other course materials.

The course, Signs of Reincarnation, has been described by Jim as follows:

“My online Signs of Reincarnation course will begin again on January 4. It runs for 15 weeks and covers all aspect of reincarnation research and theory in an inter-disciplinary way. The course is designed as an advanced undergraduate or Master’s-level graduate seminar and is built around discussion of original lectures and readings from the published literature. All materials are provided in PDF format and can be downloaded and read offline. Discussion questions and posts are delivered in email so there is no need to go to a special forum. There are no set meeting times and participants from all time zones are welcome.”

“See the course description on my web site, for more information. You can read evaluations from previous participants here. The registration fee is $300. Registration opens December 28. Write to with any questions.”

Dr. Jeffrey Mishlove took the course in one of its previous offerings. In his evaluation, he says:

“Having completed Jim Matlock’s course, Signs of Reincarnation, I can say that I am not aware of any other educational resource that offers such a comprehensive overview and analysis of the research data that has been collected over a period of many decades. Not only does Matlock review the most salient cases, he explains why each case lends weight to various interpretations and theories of ostensible reincarnation. Furthermore, in the process of preparing this course, Matlock has developed his own theory of reincarnation and he argues convincingly as to why it offers the most parsimonious explanation of this complex and fascinating body of knowledge. While the course focuses primarily on the published cases within the reincarnation literature, it also draws upon the larger fields of anthropology and cultural history.”

Jeffrey Mishlove, PhD
Dean of Programs in Transformation Psychology
University of Philosophical Research

Jim is compiling his course lectures into a book, Signs of Reincarnation: Lectures and Readings for an Interdisciplanary Graduate Course.