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On Carlos S. Alvarado (1955-2021)

From the desk of Nan Zingrone, July 20th, 2021: It is with a broken heart that I am here to let those know who have not yet heard that Carlos passed away at the age of 66 on Friday, July 16th.

A few days after his last post on this blog, we were in the ER at the University of North Carolina hospital. Two tumors were discovered on, around, and below his temporal lobe. On the 15th of January, he had neurosurgery which successfully removed all but 3% of the tumors. He was diagnosed with glioblastoma, an aggressive cancer on the 2nd of February. Throughout the spring, Carlos endured radiation treatments, and three different regimes of chemotherapy, but the residue of the original tumors continued to grow. On the 21st of June he entered an at-home hospice program, and on July 16th, passed away peacefully in our home.

Throughout his battle with cancer we were both inspired and comforted by the kindness and caring of the staff, nurses, and doctors at UNC Hospital, UNC Home Health, and UNC Hospice, as well as the prayers, healing intentions, cards, letters, calls, and visits from friends, family, and colleagues. We were grateful for everyone who sought to help him recover, survive, and then who prayed for and facilitated his peaceful passing. We could not have been more blessed in that regard.

If you are on Facebook, seek out the Parapsychology Foundation Facebook page and elsewhere around the FB universe where there are tributes to his character and work, and comments that have been so comforting to all of us who knew and loved him. The personal emails of condolence I have received and the public comments I have read have helped me so much with the pain of his loss after 38 years of happiness with this extraordinary man.

If you are a reader of the blog but don’t know as much as you would like to about his life and work, there is a biographical entry recently published on Psi Encyclopedia. In the fall of 2020, Carlos worked with Michael Duggan who writes many of the biographies in that encyclopedia. Dr. James G. Matlock helped finalize the biography while Carlos was in hospice and after he passed. The hard work of Michael, Jim and others has resulted in a very informative entry with a selected list of his publications. Click here to read this entry.

The Parapsychology Foundation’s first announcement of Carlos’ death included a link to an interview that PF President, Lisette Coly, published on the PF YouTube channel. Click here to watch that interview. If you put “Carlos S Alvarado” or just “Alvarado” in the search button on the PF YouTube channel, you will find a long list of Carlos’ interviews and lectures. The interview that Lisette linked to was uploaded 4 years ago and is a wonderful look into Carlos’s passion in the various topics of the field.

Over the next few months, I will be asking many of our colleagues to reproduce or discuss their tributes to Carlos here. I will also work to provide information about the various efforts that are made to memorialize his life and work, and to preserve his legacy. I don’t know how soon I will be able to start this series of blogs because, for me, this is an immediate and searing loss, but rest assure, the material will appear.

Your own thoughts and comments on Carlos, his life and work, and the content of this blog is welcome. I end this note with one of my favorite photos of this brilliant and generous man who has left us all too soon.

Carlos S. Alvarado, PhD, 2019

Erlendur Haraldsson (1931-2020)

Carlos S. Alvarado, PhD, Research Fellow, Parapsychology Foundation

I recently received the sad news that my friend, and well-known parapsychologist Erlendur Haraldsson, passed away. Here is a short biography of his background:

Erlendur Haraldsson

“Erlendur Haraldsson was born in Iceland in 1931. He studied philosophy at the University of Edinburgh (1955-1956) and the University of Freiburg (1956-1958), later studying psychology at Freiburg (1963-1966) and the University of Munich (1966-1969). In 1969-1970 he spent a year with Dr. J. B. Rhine at his Institute of Parapsychology in Durham, North Carolina, and in 1970-1971, he did an internship in clinical psychology at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville where he met Dr. Ian Stevenson, leading to a life-long association and the publication of joint papers. From 1971-1973 he worked with Dr. Karlis Osis at the American Society for Psychical Research in New York. He received a doctorate in psychology from the University of Freiburg in 1972, and became a lecturer and assistant professor at the University of Iceland in psychology in 1973; in 1989 he became a full professor, and in 1999, an emeritus professor. His research and publications have covered a wide range of religious and psychological topics, including mediums, reincarnation, and deathbed phenomena” (online here). More details about his life appear in an autobiography published in Icelandic. The parapsychological content of this book will be published in English around March by White Crow Books.

One thing that I always admired about Erlendur was his interest in many areas of parapsychology. Few people in the field have shown such wide interests, particularly when it comes to research. I always felt that his contributions to the investigation of mediumship and deathbed visions were very important, and reminded us of the issue of spontaneous cases and survival of death.

This is evident in his bibliography, which includes such areas as ESP experiments, deathbed visions and apparitions, recollection of previous lives, mediumship, Sathya Sai Baba, and other topics. A few examples of publications appear below.

* * *

Experimental Work

Erlendur Haraldsson. (1970). Subject selection in a machine precognition test. Journal of Parapsychology, 34, 182-191.

Martin Johnson and Erlendur Haraldsson. (1984). The Defence Mechanism Test as a predictor of ESP scores. Journal of Parapsychology, 48, 185-200.

Joop M. Houtkooper, Loftur R. Gissurarson and Erlendur Haraldsson. (1988-89). Why the ganzfeld is conducive to ESP. A study of observational theory and the percipient-order effect. European Journal of Parapsychology, 7, 169-192

Erlendur Haraldsson and Joop M. Houtkooper. (1992). The effects of perceptual defensiveness, personality and belief on extrasensory perception tasks. Personality and individual differences, 13, 1085-1096.

Erlendur Haraldsson, Joop M. Houtkooper, Rainer Schneider and Martin Bäckström (2002).Perceptual  defensiveness  and ESP performance: Reconstructed  DMT-ratings and psychological correlates in the first German DMT-ESP experiment. Journal of Parapsychology, 66, 249-270.

Deathbed Visions and Apparitions

Karlis Osis and Erlendur Haraldsson. (1977). At the hour of death. Avon Books. (There are later editions)

Karlis Osis and Erlendur Haraldsson. (1977). Deathbed observations by physicians and nurses: A cross-cultural survey. Journal of the American Society for Psychical Research, 71, 237-259.

Erlendur Haraldsson. (1987). The Iyengar-Kirti case: An apparitional case of the by-stander type. Journal of the Society for Psychical Research, 54, 64-67. (Full text).

Erlendur Haraldsson. (1988-89). Survey of claimed encounters with the dead. Omega: The Journal of Death and Dying, 19, 103-113. (Full text).

Erlendur Haraldsson. (2009). Experiences of encounters with the dead: 337 new cases. Journal of Parapsychology, 73, 91-118. (Full text).

Erlendur Haraldsson. (2012). The Departed Among the Living: An Investigative Study of Afterlife Encounters. White Crow Books.

Recollections of Previous Lives

Erlendur Haraldsson. (1995). Personality and abilities of children claiming previous-life memories. Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease, 183, 445-451.

Erlendur Haraldsson, Patrick Fowler and Vimala Periyannanpillai. (2000). Psychological characteristics of children who speak of a previous life: A further field study in Sri Lanka. Transcultural Psychiatry, 37, 525-544. (Full text).

Erlendur Haraldsson. (2000). Birthmarks and claims of previous life memories II. The case of Chatura Karunaratne. Journal of the Society for Psychical Research. 64, 82-92. (Full text).

Erlendur Haraldsson. (2003). Children who speak of past-life experiences: Is there a psychological explanation? Psychology and Psychotherapy: Theory Research and Practice, 76, 55-67. (Full text).

Erlendur Haraldsson. (2012). Persistence of ‘‘past-life’’ memories in adults who, in their childhood, claimed memories of a past life. Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease, 200, 985-989. (Full text)

Erlendur Haraldsson and James G. Matlock. (2017). I Saw a Light and Came Here: Children‘s Experiences of Reincarnation. White Crow Books.


Erlendur Haraldsson and Ian Stevenson (1974). An experiment with the Icelandic medium Hafsteinn Björnsson. Journal of the American Society for Psychical Research, 68, 192-202. (Full text).

Erlendur Haraldsson and Ian Stevenson (1975). A communicator of the “drop in” type in Iceland: The case of Gudni Magnusson. Journal of the American Society for Psychical Research, 69, 245-261. (Full text).

Erlendur Haraldsson and Ian Stevenson (1975). A communicator of the “drop in” type in Iceland: The case of Runolfur Runolfsson. Journal of the American Society for Psychical Research, 69, 33-59. (Full text)

Erlendur Haraldsson, J.G. Pratt and Magnus Kristjansson. (1978). Further experiments with the Icelandic medium Hafsteinn Bjornsson. Journal of the American Society for Psychical Research, 72, 339-347. (Full text).

Erlendur Haraldsson and Loftur R. Gissurarson (2015). Indridi Indridason the Icelandic Physical Medium. White Crow Books.

Sathya Sai Baba

Karlis Osis and Erlendur Haraldsson. (1976). Out-of-body experiences in Indian swamis: Sri Sathya Sai Baba and Dadaji. Research in Parapsychology 1975. Scarecrow Press, 147-50.

Sai Baba and Haraldsson (seated)

Erlendur Haraldsson and Karlis Osis. (1977). The appearance and disappearance of objects in the presence of Sri Sathya Sai Baba. Journal of the American Society for Psychical Research, 71, 33-43.

Karlis Osis and Erlendur Haraldsson (1979). Parapsychological phenomena associated with Sri Sathya Sai Baba. Christian Parapsychologist, 3, 159-163.

Erlendur Haraldsson. (1987). “Miracles are my visiting cards”: An investigative report on psychic phenomena associated with Sri Sathya Sai Baba. Century-Hutchinson.

Erlendur Haraldsson. (1990). The miraculous and the Sai Baba Movement. Religion Today: A Journal of Contemporary Religions, 6(1), 6-9.

Other Psychic Experiences

Erlendur Haraldsson (1978). Þessa heims og annars. Könnun á dulrænni reynslu Íslendinga, trúarviðhorfum og þjóðtrú. Bókaforlagið Saga.

Erlendur Haraldsson and Orn Olafsson (1980). A survey of psychic healing in Iceland. The Christian Parapsychologist, 3, 276-79.

Erlendur Haraldsson. (1985). Representative national surveys of psychic phenomena: Iceland, Great Britain, Sweden, USA and Gallups multinational survey. Journal of the Society for Psychical Research, 53, 145-158. (Full text).

Erlendur Haraldsson and Joop M. Houtkooper. (1991). Psychic Experiences in the Multi-National Human Values Survey. Journal of the American Society for Psychical Research, 85, 145-165. (Full text).

Erlendur Haraldsson. (2011). Psychic experiences – third of a century apart: Two representative surveys in Iceland. Journal of the Society for Psychical Research, 75, 76-90. (Full text)

* * *

Although I first saw Erlendur at the 1979 convention of the Parapsychological Association held at Moraga, California, I met him in the early 1980s when I was working at the University of Virginia as a research assistant for Ian Stevenson. Stevenson assigned me to help Erlendur finish his book about Sathya Sai Baba. Erlendur asked me to find cases in the spiritualistic and psychical research literature of phenomena similar to those produced by this person. In later years he returned and I continued having long talks with him. I learned much from him (I was new in the field) and once he told me he saw me as a colleague, not as an assistant. This is one of the most satisfying moments of my early career in psychical research.

Nagato Azuma. Carlos S. Alvarado, and Erlendur Haraldsson at the Division of Parapsychology, University of Virginia (early 1980s)

In later years, when he visited us again in Charlottesville, I continued having many conversations with him, and he stayed with me and with my wife, Nancy Zingrone, and used one of my cars. He also stayed with us briefly in Virginia Beach.

I greatly enjoyed his book Indridi Indridason the Icelandic Physical Medium (written with Loftur R. Gissurarson, 2015). I felt honored that he asked me to write an introduction to the book, and also felt he acknowledged my interest in the old psychic literature.

Although he conducted much research showing that psychic phenomena were related to psychological variables in the laboratory, I feel that Erlendur contributed greatly to expand the importance of seeing the phenomena outside of the confining experimental walls. Without rejecting laboratory work, he reminded us of personal experiences, the phenomena of mediums, and of the richness and implications of powerful experiences such as deathbed visions and apparitions, and later, recollections of previous lives.

Erlendur stated he was affected by figures in the field such as J.B. Rhine, Karlis Osis, and Ian Stevenson. I think many of us, myself included, were also positively affected by Erlendur, both personally and professionally.

At the End of 2019

Carlos S. Alvarado, PhD, Research Fellow, Parapsychology Foundation

Another year has gone by.

First of all, my best wishes for the Christmas season and the new year.

Christmas wreath

This has been a relatively good year. Among other things, I have enjoyed hearing from some of you who have posted comments to the blog or have written to me personally. Keep writing!

As before, I have posted about recently published articles and books, such as the following:

The Mediumship of Jane Roberts. November 25.

Author Interview XX: N Equals 1: Single Case Studies in Anomalistics, edited by Gerhard Mayer. September 11.

Mayer N Equals 1

Mediumship and Dissociation Revisited. August 14.

Article About a Non-Materialistic Psychology. July 21.

Author Interview XIX: Signs of Reincarnation: Exploring Beliefs, Cases, and Theory, by James G. Matlock. June 21.

Matlock Signs of Reincarnation

Hematological and Psychophysiological Aspects of Mediumship. June 16.

80 Years of the Journal of Parapsychology. May 8.

Author Interview XVIII: Connected: The Emergence of Global Consciousness, by Roger Nelson. April 1.

Nelson Connected

Motor Automatism and ESP: An Experimental Study. March 6.

Article about Future Directions in Meditation Research. February 15.

Author Interview XVII: Mind Beyond the Brain: Buddhism, Science, and the Paranormal, by David Presti and Others. January 20.

Presti Mind Beyond Brain

As in previous years, I have written about my own publications. The last one is about Charles Richet: A Nobel Prize Winning Scientist’s Exploration of Psychic Phenomena, a collection of my previously published essays about Charles Richet’s interest in psychic phenomena (My Book about Charles Richet and Psychic Phenomena. December 8 ).

Image result for alvarado charles richet

Other blogs about my own work include:

The Late Mesmeric Work of Jules Bernard Luys. August 27.

Jules Bernard Luys

Jules Bernard Luys

Article About Historical Aspects of Materialization Phenomena. May 2.

Kathleen Goligher 5

Materializations with medium Kathleen Goligher

Agénor de Gasparin and Table Turning. February 22.

Agenor de Gasparin 2

Agénor de Gasparin

New Article About Eleanor M. Sidgwick. January 4.

Eleanore Sidgwick 3

Eleanor M. Sidgwick

Blogs about other topics include:

The Psi Encyclopedia Keeps Growing. December 19.

Our Psychic Past in Digital Libraries: VIII: Luce e Ombra. October 28.

Luce e Ombra 1918 Palladino Issue

Animal Magnetism: A Selected Bibliography of Articles, 2015-2019. September 29.

2019 Convention of the Parapsychological Association. May 25.

Bibliography of Modern Publications About Mental Mediumship. April 24.

ParaMOOC2019: Survival of Death and Parapsychology. April 5.

D.D. Home’s Mental Mediumship. March 15.

D.D. Home 7

D.D. Home

Recent Articles About Near-Death Experiences: II. February 12.

As always, I must thank my unpaid and unacknowledged (but greatly appreciated) Blog Staff:

Nancy L. Zingrone

(Advisor, Problem Solver, Morale Officer, and several other things)

Nancy Zingrone 2019b

Pinky and Spotty

(Master proof readers and technical consultants)

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Pinky (left) and Spotty

At the End of 2018

Carlos S. Alvarado, PhD, Research Fellow, Parapsychology Foundation

Another year has gone by. This one has been mainly good, not counting the recent loss of a  friend. May I wish all of you a Merry Christmas (or, if you do not celebrate Christmas, a good end of 2017)?

christmas mistletoe

Like in previous years, I have summarized for my readers various important publications related to parapsychology. These include:

Star Gate Project Publication (February 1)

New Paper About Mind-Body Issues in Psychiatry (February 12)

Biographies of Psychical Researchers in the Psi Encyclopedia (February 26)

Study of Japanese Reincarnation Cases (April 5)

Precognition Discussed in a Psychology Journal (April 19)

Open Source Data in Parapsychology (July 4)

Synesthesia and Other Experiences (November 22)

Exceptional Experiences of Scientists and Engineers (December 11)

As always, I take great pleasure in informing my readers about articles relevant to the study of the history of parapsychology, among them:

Hans Driesch and Psychical Research (April 10)

Hans Driesch

Hans Driesch

Psychoanalysis and the Occult—Revisited (May 13)

Uri Geller and Parapsychology in the 1970s (September 14)

Article about Julian Ochorowicz (December 1)

Julian Ochorowicz 3

Julian Ochorowicz

Similarly, I spread news about new books via author interviews: Real Magic, by Dean Radin (April 25); Arthur Balfour’s Ghosts: An Edwardian Elite and the Riddle of the Cross-Correspondence Automatic Writings, by Trevor Hamilton (June 6); The Elements of Parapsychology, by K. Ramakrishna Rao (July 8); and Psience Fiction: The Paranormal in Science Fiction Literature, by Damien Broderick (July 24).

Broderick Psience Fiction

Other blogs are about list of publications, mainly from the old days: Important Books About Experimental ESP, 1930-1958 (May 23); Our Psychic Past in Digital Libraries: VII. SurvivalAfterDeath | CienciasPsíquicas (September 21).

And of course, I have also posted comments about the articles I have published. What is the point of having a blog if you are not going to publicize your own work?: Flournoy’s From India to the Planet Mars Revisited (March 11); Psicologia e “Spiritismo:” An Italian Psychical Research Classic (April 10); Charles Richet’s Psychic Autobiography (July 29); Historical Views of Mediumship and Pathology (October 20); On William Stainton Moses (December 20).

My thanks to all of you who have followed my blog during 2018. Stay tuned for further news and discussion in 2019. My best wishes for the coming year.

Happy New Year

Unpaid and unacknowledged (but greatly appreciated) Blog Staff

Nancy L. Zingrone

(Advisor, Problem Solver, and Morale Officer)

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At the End of 2017

Carlos S. Alvarado, PhD, Research Fellow, Parapsychology Foundation

One more year has gone by, and this one, I think, really fast. May I wish all of you a (belated) Merry Christmas (or, if you do not celebrate Christmas, a good end of 2017)?

christmas mistletoe

Many good things, and some sad ones, have touched my life during this year. The latter includes the devastation of my country, Puerto Rico, by a hurricane. May the “Isla del Encanto” recover with the passage of time.

Puerto Rico Map 2


Among the good things I can mention my daily life, and my parapsychology work. This past year I received from the Parapsychological Association the 2017 Outstanding Career Award. I was not able to receive the award in person at the last convention of the Association held in Athens, Greece, but I sent a short acceptance speech that was read in absentia by Etzel Cardeña.  Among other things, I said: “I guess some of you may think that, because the career award is conferred to senior members of the PA, I am on my way to the retirement home. Do not fear. I still have all my hair and it is not white yet. I keep myself busy writing various articles . . . . I also plan to continue with new work, especially now that I have been inspired even more by this PA award.”

As you know my blogs have continued over this past year classified under the following topics: Conferences and Other Events, Digital Resources, Education, Organizations and Groups, People in Parapsychology, Phenomena, Recent Publications, Voices from the Past, and Writing History. I particularly enjoy posting about recently published articles because this shows the dynamic work that characterizes modern parapsychology. Examples include:

Metanalysis of Dream ESP Studies

Review of Trends in Publications about “Consciousness Beyond the Brain”

Author Interview: XII. Otherworlds: Psychedelics and Exceptional Human Experience, by David Luke

David Luke

David Luke

Luke Otherworlds

Recent Articles About Near-Death Experiences: II.

Quantum Retrocausation

Experimental Parapsychology in the Psi Encyclopedia

I have also prepared various bibliographies hoping to use the blog for educational purposes. I do not expect any of you to read these in detail, but I hope you will remember they are in the blog if you need them or that you may tell students and others who may benefit from them that they are available. What can I say, the honor is to help, or to compile?

The Past Literature of Parapsychology: A Reading Guide: I.

The Past Literature of Parapsychology: A Reading Guide: II.

Parapsychology and Psychology Bibliography: I. Overviews

Parapsychology and Psychology Bibliography: II. History

Parapsychology and Psychology Bibliography: III. Clinical Issues

I am also happy to have continued my series of interviews with individuals working in parapsychology, as seen in People in Parapsychology: XXXIV. Sonali Bhatt Marwaha, and People in Parapsychology: XXXIII. Everton de Oliveira Maraldi, People in Parapsychology: XXXII: Michael Nahm, and Interview with Lisette Coly, President of the Parapsychology Foundation.

Sonali Marwaha

Sonali Bhatt Marwaha

Lisette Coly 5

Lisette Coly

Some of my blogs have been about online events sponsored by the Parapsychology Foundation that I have helped to organize. These are:

Parapsychology Foundation Book Expo 2017

PF Book Expo Fall 2017 Logo

New Online PF Conference: New Faces in Parapsychology

PF New Faces Conference Logo

Program of ParaMOOC 2017

ParaMOOC 2017 Banner

As most of you know, separate from my blog I publish papers about various aspects of parapsychology, mainly historical ones. I published some in 2017 that appeared in journals, and in the Society for Psychical Research’s Psi Encyclopedia. I mentioned most of these in the blog (e.g., click here, here, and here).

Some of CSA’s Articles Published in 2017

(second author, with E. de Oliveira Maraldi). Classic Text No. 113: Final Chapter, From India to the Planet Mars: A Study of a Case of Somnambulism with Glossolalia, by Théodore Flournoy (1900). History of Psychiatry, 2017, Oct 1:957154X17734782. doi: 10.1177/0957154X17734782.

Flournoy From India 2

(first author, with M. Biondi). Classic Text No. 110: Cesare Lombroso on Mediumship and Pathology. History of Psychiatry,  2017, 28, 225-241.

 Cesare Lombroso 4

Cesare Lombroso

Telepathy, Mediumship and Psychology: Psychical Research at the International Congresses of Psychology, 1889–1905.  Journal of Scientific Exploration, 2017, 31, 255-292.

Janet Congres Psychologie

Psychology and Parapsychology. In R. McLuhan (Ed.), Psi Encyclopedia. London: Society for Psychical Research, 2017.

Ernesto Bozzano’s ‘Phénomènes Psychiques au Moment de la Mort’ (Psychic Phenomena at the Moment of Death). In R. McLuhan (Ed.), Psi Encyclopedia. London: Society for Psychical Research, 2017.

Bozzano Phenomenes Psychiques Mort

Parapsychology Foundation. In R. McLuhan (Ed.), Psi Encyclopedia. London: Society for Psychical Research, 2017.

PF logo

Podmore’s Apparitions and Thought-Transference. In R. McLuhan (Ed.), Psi Encyclopedia. London: Society for Psychical Research, 2017.

Podmore Apparitions and Thought-Transference 2

I will continue working along the same, and perhaps some new lines, in 2018. I hope you stay with me and recommend the blog to others who may want to subscribe. My best wishes for the coming year.

Happy New Year Banner

Unpaid and unacknowledged (but greatly appreciated) Blog Staff

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Nancy L. Zingrone (advisor, proofreader, and morale officer)

Spotty and Pinky 14

Spotty and Pinky: Master proofreaders





At the End of 2016

Carlos S. Alvarado, PhD, Research Fellow, Parapsychology Foundation

Another year has gone by, and very fast. Merry Christmas to all my readers.


I am glad to say that the number of followers of my blog has grown during 2016. This means that my blogs are not as boring as I thought they were.

As before, my blogs are classified under the following topics: Conferences and Other Events, Digital Resources, Education, Organizations and Groups, People in Parapsychology, Phenomena, Recent Publications, Voices from the Past, and Writing History. A few, such as the current one, are posted under Uncategorized.


Alvarado (in deep thought thinking about the next blog)

One of my favorite series of blogs is People in Parapsychology. During 2016 I posted various interviews with workers in parapsychology such as:

Alexander Moreira-Almeida

Alan Gauld

Elizabeth Roxburgh

Stephen E. Braude

Stanley Krippner

Other series of blogs are Author interviews, Recent Articles About the Histories of Spiritualism and Psychical Research, and Historical Notes About Out-of-Body Experiences. The latter has included postings about the writings of Hector DurvilleRobert Dale Owen, and Eugène Osty.



Eugène Osty

In addition, I have reported on important projects, such as parapsychology MOOCS, the Parapsychology Foundation’s YouTube channel, and the Psi Encyclopedia, produced by the Society for Psychical Research.


Some recent blogs about articles have been: Recently Published Articles About Mediumship, New Study of Electroencephalographic Detection of ESP, Recent Articles About Poltergeists, Table Phenomena in Argentina, Survey About Synchronicity, and Statistical Power in Experimental Parapsychological Research.

Other blogs have been about particular books. Some, such as Hereward Carrington’s Eusapia Palladino and Her Phenomena, are about publications from the old days of psychical research. But others are about recently published books, such as Transcendent Mind, by Imants Barušs and Julia Mossbridge.


In my secret identity I also work on other projects, many of which are sponsored by the Parapsychology Foundation. Two blogs about this are Third Parapsychology Foundation Book Expo,  and Parapsychology Foundation Forum: Physical Mediumship.

I also write scholarly articles, many of which are generously supported by grants from the Society for Psychical Research. These have been mainly articles about various aspects of the history of psychical research. Some blogs posted in 2016 about this work include:

Albert de Rochas, Psychic Forces and Doubles

New Article About William James and Leonora E. Piper


Leonora E. Piper

Psychic Messages About Other Planets

Joseph Maxwell on Mediumistic Personifications

Parapsychology and the Study of the Mind: Changing the Historical Record

It has given me great satisfaction to write for the above mentioned Psi Encyclopedia,  an online project ably edited by Robert McLuhan. Several of my articles have been posted in the Encyclopedia during 2016. To date I have only posted one blog about this work. This is about Sylvan J. Muldoon and Hereward Carrington’s The Phenomena of Astral Projection.


As for the 2017, I plan to continue along the lines that I have followed during 2016, hoping to continue to inform my readers about serious developments in parapsychology around the world and about the history of the field.

Once again, my best wishes for the Holiday Season.


Blog Staff


Nancy L. Zingrone and Carlos S. Alvarado


Spotty (left) and Pinky (right). Master proofreaders.

At the End of 2015

Carlos S. Alvarado, PhD, Research Fellow, Parapsychology Foundation

Let me start offering my best wishes for the Holiday season, and if you do not celebrate the season, my best end of the year wishes to you.

Holly Image

Like in 2014, I am happy to say I have not lacked topics for this blog. I have particularly enjoyed the interviews with individuals active in

Hoyt Edge & monkey2

Hoyt Edge (right) and unidentified monkey (left)

parapsychology. The field survives thanks to the work of persons like these. Those featured in 2015 are Dick Bierman, Etzel Cardeña, Hoyt Edge, Fatima Regina Machado, John Palmer, Dean Radin, Marilyn Schlitz, Charles T. Tart, and Wellington Zangari. More to come in 2016.

Charley Tart

Charles T. Tart

Some postings have been about recent publications. These include: “Feeling the Future” Experiments: A New Meta-Analysis,”  “A New Handbook of Parapsychology,” “The Variety of Approaches to Mediumship: Some New Publications,” “Recent Articles About Out-of-Body Experiences: III.,” and “A Theory of Precognition.”

Cardena et al Parapsychology

Other postings about recent publications are interviews in which I ask questions to authors of recent books. Examples of these are the  Extrasensory Perception: Support, Skepticism and Science, edited by Drs. Edwin C. May and Sonali Bhatt Marwaha,” Beyond Physicalism, edited by Edward F. Kelly’s and others, and First Sight by James C. Carpenter.

Carpenter First Sight

Still on recent publications, I admit I take some pleasure writing about my articles. Most of these are about historical topics and appeared while I was Research Fellow at the Parapsychology Foundation. Some examples are: “Ideas About Théodore Flournoy’s Classic Study of Mediumship” (with N.L. Zingrone), “On First Volumes of Influential Journals About Psychic Phenomena,” and “ESP Via Pulse Rates? Some 19th Century Observations.”

One of the articles I published was about out-of-body experiences: “Study of the Features of Out-of-Body Experiences” (with N.L. Zingrone).

Many other topics are covered. In the blogs classified as Voices from the Past I talk about books and articles from the old psychical research literature. There are also topics I discuss under the labels Phenomena, Digital Resources, and Education.

I also like to comment on various events, such as conferences. But I am selective, focusing on the more scholarly and academic events. This has included reports of the MOOC I organized with Nancy L. Zingrone, “Live Parapsychology MOOC is Over,” and other events: “Parapsychology Foundation’s Online Book Expo,” “Parapsychological Association Awards,” and  “Parapsychology Foundation’s Online Forum.”

Parapsychology Foundation Book Expo 2015 Illustration

Overall it has been a good year. In addition to various published papers in academic journals, my wife Nancy and I have had the pleasure of working with the Parapsychology Foundation, from which some onlineevents will come soon in 2016 (stay tuned).

PF Logo

On a personal note, we moved to a new apartment and adopted two cats. Life permitting I will continue this blog in 2016 bringing you more information, and some of my opinions, about various aspects of parapsychology.

Pinky and Spotty 4

Spotty and Pinky


End of the Year . . . New Beginnings

Carlos S. Alvarado, PhD, Research Fellow, Parapsychology Foundation

2014 has been an interesting year for me, a year of uncertainty, and a year of change, but also a year of good things. My thanks to those who have made possible my living in North Carolina and my work. This includes my wife and colleague Nancy L. Zingrone, and others I can truly describe as good friends and benefactors, who I will only identify as E., E., J., N. & J., and B.

In this, my last blog in 2014, I will not only say something about the blog during this year, but also about my work in parapsychology. I will start with the blog.

Word PressAccording to an end-of-year report I recently received from, where my blog lives. I posted 69 blogs in 2014 (114 since 2013), and had about 34,000 views. Not including this one, I have uploaded 453 photos this past year. The blog with the most views in 2014 was the recent Parapsychology Massively Open Online Course (MOOC).

Most of the blogs are about recent publications, mainly articles, and some books. But I also write about people in parapsychology, digital resources, education, and various events such as conferences.

Among the blogs I will mention:

Recent Publications

Recent Articles About the Histories of Spiritualism and Psychical Research: 1

Survey of Premonitions in Argentina

Digital Resources

Our Psychic Past in Digital Libraries I: The International Association for the Preservation of Spiritualist and Occult Periodicals

Articles Presenting Evidence of Psychic Functioning


Lack of Knowledge of the Parapsychological Literature

Quality Courses in Parapsychology

Voices from the Past

Gustave Geley on Ectoplasm: 1921

Seeing “Animal Magnetism”


Author Interviews: I. Emily W. Kelly’s Science, the Self, and Survival After Death

Parapsychology and “Borderland” Phenomena

Conference About Survival of Death

Dr. Richard Broughton

Dr. Richard Broughton

I have been particularly pleased with my People in Parapsychology interviews. These not only provide information for the general public about the work of particular parapsychologists, but also convey much about their beginnings and motivations, something of particular

Dr. Christine Simmonds-Moore

Dr. Christine Simmonds-Moore

value to aspiring parapsychologists. Some interviews posted in 2014 have included Richard BroughtonLarry Dossey,   Harvey IrwinRoger NelsonChristine Simmonds-Moore,

Lance Storm, Russell Targ, and Caroline Watt.

Dr. Harvey J. Irwin

Dr. Harvey J. Irwin

As in previous years I have continued to do one of the things I love the most, writing and publishing scholarly articles about the history of psychical research. Here is a list of my papers about past developments, and past figures, all of which appeared in 2014:

Dr. Théodore Flournoy

Dr. Théodore Flournoy

 (first author, with E. de O. Maraldi, F.R. Machado, & W. Zangari). Théodore Flournoy’s contributions to psychical research. Journal of the Society for Psychical Research, 78, 149-168.

(Second author, with E. Cardeña). Anomalous self and identity experiences. In E. Cardeña. S.J. Lynn, & S. Krippner (Eds.), Varieties of Anomalous Experiences (2nd ed., 175-212). Washington, DC: American Psychological Association.

Mediumship, psychical research, dissociation, and the powers of the subconscious mind. Journal of Parapsychology, 78, 98–114.

Dr. James H. Hyslop

Dr. James H. Hyslop

Classic Text No. 98: ‘Visions of the Dying,’ by James H. Hyslop (1907). History of Psychiatry, 25, 237-252.

Stanley Hall on “Mystic or Borderline Phenomena.” Journal of Scientific Exploration, 28, 75-93.

On W.J. Crawford’s studies of physical mediumship. Journal of Scientific Exploration, 28, 351-357. 

(First author, with N.L. Zingrone). Eileen Coly (1916-2013). Journal of Scientific Exploration, 28, 505–507.

Mrs. Eileen Coly

Mrs. Eileen Coly

In memoriam Robert Van de Castle (1967-2014). Mindfield, 6(2), 60-61.

Frederic W.H. Myers

Frederic W.H. Myers

Vignettes on Frederic W.H. Myers. Paranormal Review, No. 70, 3-13.

On constancy, stability and the antiquity of psychic phenomena. Paranormal Review, No. 69, 3-7.

(first author, with N.L. Zingrone). Psychic mists. Vital Signs, 33(1/2), 12-13.

But I have also worked on other topics, such as papers about out-of-body experiences and shared-death experiences that I hope will appear in 2015. One of the OBE papers is about those experiences that take place while the person’s physical body is physically active in some way.

PSPR Vol. 1I have new papers about historical topics that will continue to appear in 2015. Two of them were accepted by the Journal of Scientific Exploration. One is about the nineteenth-century work of John Purdon in which pulse rates were presented as evidence of telepathy. The other is an overview of the first volume of three influential journals: the Revue Spirite (1858), the Proceedings of Journal of Parapsychologythe Society for Psychical Research (1882-83), and the Journal of Parapsychology (1937). I am also working on papers presenting excerpts of the writing of old researchers and theorists. Some of these are about ideas of vital and nervous forces projected from the body of mediums to produce physical phenomena by authors such as Oliver Lodge, Gustave Geley, Joseph Maxwell, and Edward C. Rogers, among others.

Dr. Oliver J. Lodge

Dr. Oliver J. Lodge

Dr. Gustave Geley

Dr. Gustave Geley

Dr. Roger Nelson

Dr. Roger Nelson

More recently Nancy and I have been organizing online events that bring together many different speakers, something that has not been done at this scale. The first one was a conference that focused on parapsychology and psychology, while the second is an open and free online course, coming in January and February, that will cover different areas of the field  and include discussion forums, assignments aimed towards obtaining a certificate of completion, and some introductory lectures from us. The really important part of the course will be the over 20 guest speakers, among them: Steve Braude, Richard Broughton, Etzel Cardeña, Kathy

Dr. Stephen E. Braude

Dr. Stephen E. Braude

Dalton, Fatima R. Machado, Joe McMoneagle, Everton de Oliveira Maraldi, Sonali Marwaha, Ed May, Roger Nelson, Alejandro Parra, Dean Radin, and Chris Roe. As of this morning we had 533 learners and 11 speakers signed up in the online classroom. Enrollment is still expanding, usually at the speed of about a half dozen new learners everyday.

Dr. Edwin May

Dr. Edwin May

Dr. Fatima R. Machado

Dr. Fatima R. Machado

Dr. Dean Radin

Dr. Dean Radin

Nancy and I hope to continue to organize more online educational activities during the coming year. We plan to offer online lectures about specific areas of parapsychology as well as offer another conference and provide consulting services for others in the field who are also planning online courses, conferences and events.

Dr. Stanley Krippner

Dr. Stanley Krippner

Regarding changes, Nancy and I have reorganized our organization, The AZIRE, to be more active in online educational and other projects. We have formed an Advisory Board consisting of: Dr. Dean Radin (Institute of Noetic Sciences), Dr. Stanley Krippner (Saybrook University), Dr. Charles T. Tart (University of California-Davis, Emeritus, and Sofia University), Dr. Christine Simmonds-Moore (University of West Georgia), Eberhard Bauer (Institüt de Grenzgebiete der Psychologie und Psychohygiene), Dr. Chris Roe (University of Northampton), and Dr. Erlendur Haraldsson (University of Iceland, Emeritus).

Dr. Erlendur Haraldsson

Dr. Erlendur Haraldsson

Dr. Renaud Evrard

Dr. Renaud Evrard

Our first project was the coordination of online presentations in the virtual conference “Parapsychology and Psychology: Research and Theory.” Nancy and I did the first presentation: “Parapsychology and Psychology: An Overview.” The rest of the presentations were: “How Psi Works: The First Sight Theory” (James Carpenter, PhD), “Clinical Dimensions of Psychic Experiences” (Renaud Evrard, PhD, University of Strasbourg, France), “Cognitive and Emotional Empathy in Relation to Five Paranormal/Anomalous Experiences’ (Alejandro Parra, PhD, Universidad Abierta Interamericana & Instituto de Psicología Paranormal, Argentina; “We Are All Psychics, but (Often) We Do Not Know How To” (Patrizio Tressoldi, PhD, University of Padova, Italy); “ESP and

Dr. Patrizio Tressoldi

Dr. Patrizio Tressoldi

Altered States of Consciousness” (Chris Roe, PhD, University of Northampton, England); and “ESP and Synesthesia” (Christine Simmonds-Moore, PhD, University of West Georgia). In addition there were several poster (slide) presentations. The recordings of the presentations will be made available on our new YouTube Channel, Parapsychology Online, which is available here. In fact, we are also uploading recordings from the free online course that starts January 5th to our YouTube Channel as well as continuing Nancy’s “Primer” series on educational resources in parapsychology and uploading other content as well. Our new joint blog, Parapsychology Online, and Facebook page of the same name, are also part of our new educational activities.

Parapsychology Foundation Some of you may have noticed that the affiliation after my name in these blogs has changed. The last seven blogs have appeared under my new affiliation, the Parapsychology Foundation. I used to work for the Foundation some years back and I am glad to have the opportunity to do so again. Together with Nancy I hope to help the Foundation develop its programs during 2015, something I will keep you posted of in future blogs. I am also posting more frequently blogs to the Parapsychology Foundation’s blog page.

This “end of the year report” is incomplete but I hope it will be of interest, at least to some of you. I realize that my blogs are not for everyone. I focus on scholarly and scientific material, and several are bibliographical in nature. But I hope that at least some of the information I put out is useful and interesting to some. With a few exceptions the purpose of my blogs is to spread information about parapsychology (research, bibliography, history), and I only provide criticism in a few of them (no one is perfect).

My thanks to those of you who have been following what I write, and my best wishes for the coming year.

One Hundred Posts . . . and More to Come

Carlos S. Alvarado, PhD, Visiting Scholar, Rhine Research Center

This is my 100th post. Where did all that time go?

My purpose here has been to present information about people, events, and publications related to parapsychology. This includes contemporary and historical developments, as well as scientific, scholarly, and various other perspectives. One thing I have particularly enjoyed doing is passing on links and descriptions of resources, such as virtual libraries and sites with links to articles. In addition, I have used the blog to inform all of you about my published articles (for an overview of some of them click here).

My posts have appeared under the following headings, which are arranged by frequency:

Recent Publications (News about articles and books)

People in Parapsychology (Interviews and obituaries)

Digital Resources (Virtual libraries and sites with links),

Conferences and Other Events (News about conventions and lectures)

Education (Resources and issues about education in parapsychology)

Writing History (Conceptual issues in writing about history)

Organizations and Groups (News about groups)

Voices from the Past (Observations and ideas from the old literature)

Phenomena (About specific manifestations)

Here are some examples of postings:

 Education in Parapsychology

 ESP and the Brain Hemispheres–Revisited 

Gustave Geley on Ectoplasm: 1921

Gustave Geley

Gustave Geley

Recent Meta-Analyses of Parapsychological Studies

My Return to the Rhine Research Center

Rhine Research Center Building

Panel Discussion about Parapsychological Research Sponsored by the Rhine Research Center

Distortions of Parapsychological History: I.

Our Psychic Past in Digital Libraries: II. Google Books

In Memory of Eileen Coly (1916-2013)

Eileen Coly

Eileen Coly

Advances in Parapsychological Research, Vol. 9.

Remembering Robert Van de Castle (1927-2014)

Robert van de Castle

Robert van de Castle

The Spiritualist Movement: Articles About Spiritualism and Related Topics

The Paranormal Review and World War I

Poltergeist Theory

Seeing “Animal Magnetism.”

People in Parapsychology: X. Roger Nelson

Roger Nelson

Roger Nelson

Our Psychic Past in Digital Libraries: VI. Hathi Trust Digital Library

Recent Surveys of Psychic Experiences: I.

People in Parapsychology: XIII. Russell Targ

Russell Targ and the intrepid Onyx

Russell Targ and the intrepid Onyx

Early Mesmeric Accounts of Effects on the Growth of Plants.

People in Parapsychology: XIV. Larry Dossey

Larry Dossey

Larry Dossey

Mediumship in Brazil

I also find the blog useful to inform others of my publications. Here are some examples:

Early Examples of Psi from the Living Explanations of Mediumship

Studying Ernesto Bozzano

Ernesto Bozzano

Ernesto Bozzano

Théodore Flournoy and Veridical Hallucinations

Nineteenth-Century French Psychical Research: The Revue Philosophique de la France et de l’Étranger

Revue Philosophique 1876b

Deathbed Visions in the Journal History of Psychiatry.

Speculations about Mediumship, Dissociation and the Subconscious Mind

G. Stanley Hall as a Critic of Psychical Research 

Article About Frederic W.H. Myers.

Frederic W.H. Myers

Frederic W.H. Myers

I plan to continue posting along the same lines and hope to have more author interviews such as the one featured here.

My thanks to all of you who have followed my blogs, and especially to those who have written comments. Thanks are also due to those of you who have taken the time and put much effort in answering my interview questions. I am also grateful to those of you who have posted my blog to various pages and forums, especially to Lori Derr, Judith Gadd, Tom Ruffles, Caroline Watt, and Nancy L. Zingrone. My blog is regularly featured on the SPR Facebook page and in Compelling Evidence for the Afterlife).

Compelling Evidence